About Us

About K.K.Engineering Works

The aim of K.K Engineering Works is to satisfy all customers with all their expected high quality products. It offers high quality & standard products to all markets. It confirms with quality supervison system. It has gained its attestation.
Technical service – Our service promise : Satisfy customers’ all demands and means during construction of all heaters measuring,and finish them in the shortest period as possible. Smart Engineering Services Singapore

Ess K.K Engineering Works is engaged in the manufacture of a wide varieties of Domestic Elements for home appliances, Industrial Immersion heaters for oil, Water, Chemicals, Cartridge Heaters for moulds and dies, Tubular / finned Air Heaters / Casted Heating Units, Mica, Band, Ceramic Band. Smart Engineering Services Singapore

Customer Commitment

K.K.Engineering Works Pte.Ltd consistently provide engineering services that conform to customer and regulatory requirements which deliver trust, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Valuing Relationship

Beyond profitability, K.K.Engineering Works Pte Ltd strives to be a Company remembered for upholding values of integrity, respect, hard-work and generosity with our people.


We ensure that employees are trained, qualified and held accountable to implement the necessary policies and procedures at work. We stay abreast with latest market trends and requirements so as to remain relevant and competitive.

Quality Policy

The management and staff of K.K.Engineering Works Pte Ltd are to provide total customer satisfaction on our services by :

Endeavoring to achieve zero product defects.

Ensuring on-time delivery every time.

Providing prompt and effective response to customer’s enquiries and service calls.

Perpetuating staff training on quality matters.