Electrical Works

Our electrical engineers and technicians can perform comprehensive check-ups to provide accurate analysis and understanding on your requirements. This allows our team to set-up suitable strategies for your power system in order to satisfy your property’s electrical needs.

We can provide professional help to get your business up and running by ensuring you get the right electrical infrastructure. Simply give us a call to book an appointment and we will come to your site for evaluation.

Whether you need electrical assistance for a newly built home or commercial building, or even just a simple addition of outdoor lighting in your backyard, our electrical technicians have the expertise and experience to provide complete electrical design and installation for your valued property.

Roofing Works

A leaking roof can cause damage ceilings, walls, insulation, carpets and electrical goods. Our team of professionals will identify and eliminate roof leaks until the problem is solved.

You need to feel like your home is safe and secure, by making sure that your home is water tight.

At K.K.Engineering Works Pte.Ltd. we will discuss with you any of the main issues that you may have been incurring with your roof so that we can get the best possible solution for your property.

Housing is one area where changing the roof can dramatically improve the appearance of a building (as the roof generally makes up a significant portion of the outside structure).

Our qualified team of roof and waterproof specialists take great pride in their work, always completing a job to the customer’s satisfaction.

Metal Works

Get Top-Quality Custom Metal Fabrication Service In Singapore!

Most products are generated using metals and alloys. Some of them are aluminum, gold, silver, iron, nickel, titanium and other grades of steel. It is vital to choose the best fabrication shop which meets all our needs and expectations. The quality of the production, manufactured rate, and the cost efficiency of the product should be checked while buying the products. We should opt for a good reputation service and who are experienced in that field for many years. On checking of machinery and tooling capacity, we get to know the capacity and the quality of the metal products. The production run should be checked if there is high-low volume and long-short terms while selecting the best service. Lastly, the custom metal works have to supply the particular metal for the project at a given time.

Waterproofing Works

When you find cracks and pores on your roof/ceiling, it is a sign that you may need waterproofing services. Regular maintenance could aid in providing a longer life-term for concrete tiles. In return, your property life will last longer.

If you happen to encounter any water leakage problems at home, don’t hesitate to call a reliable waterproofing contractor to get it repaired immediately. Otherwise, delaying much-needed waterproofing works can just aggravate the situation and ruin the interiors of your house.

As waterproofing works are considered a necessity for every household, you are not supposed to carry it out on your own. Without proper knowledge, materials, tools and equipment you are highly likely to end up worsening the problem. This is why the best solution is to engage in the services of a professional waterproofing contractor in Singapore.

General Building Works

We serve customers across wide spectrum of sectors. From single storey construction to multi-storeys factory block, we have the capability and experience to deliver regardless of location, complexity and procurement route. From the time we successfully win the bid for the project, we carry out the building works in accordance with all the building provisions and Act from initiation to closure of the project. We are here to help our customers to keep cost within the budget, to maintain project schedule and to expedite Owner Occupancy Permit in a seamless manner. We are responsible for the following services during the construction and post-construction stages:

  • Scheduling and updating of construction works within project period.
  • Contract administration including drawings, specifications, agreement and conditions.
  • Provision of qualified quantity surveyors, project managers, site supervisors and skilled workers for all aspects of the building works.
  • Construction co-ordination with other sub-contractors or suppliers as per project’s requirements.

Plumbing Service (24hrs)

Are you looking for someone to fix your plumbing repairs or installations? Do you want affordable and competitive prices for complete plumbing services Singapore, then you are at the right place, because Mr Plumber provides quality and effective plumbing services to residential and commercial customers throughout Singapore. We have extensive experience with more than 10 years, solving thousands of cases and we can do every plumbing problem, be it a big or small plumbing job. We believe in providing trustworthy services that our customers can use for long term.

We pride ourselves in having a plumbing team with qualified and experienced plumbers and excellent customer support services. Our reliable plumbers are trained to provide all the plumbing services you need, whether it’s a unclogging a clogged toilet bowl or clearing a floor trap choke, fixing a tap or clearing drain chokes, they will provide you with long-term and effective solutions. For a transparent and honest price estimate or quotation.

Glassing Works

A glass room is the epitome of an open, beautifully natural, yet safe environment. An increasing number of people are opting for glass enclosures or rooms in their homes and offices as opposed to traditional partitions that appear to cut the space and make facilities look small and dingy. This trend is rapidly picking up as more are realising the advantages of glassed spaces. The primary reason for this choice is the experience of being outdoors while feeling protected from external harshness – Ideal havens of light and space.

Glass rooms are constructed according to the architectural design of the original building. In the home environment, many choose glass rooms for special plant and foliage growth. Others create a recreation or play area amongst scenic surroundings. In the office, cabins can be added by using glass partitions. These offer the premises a more airy and spacious feel.


Home interior plays a vital role in giving the best ambiance and relaxing environment, while considering interior design or interior painting. As far as interior decor or interior painting is concern it requires less maintenance compared to exterior painting. Both of them have their own importance and required time to repaint.

As time runs the exterior painting of the home or commercial building get affected through heat, rain, cold, pollution and changing weather conditions. Because of the heat the exterior paint fades, looses color gloss and thus looks dull. And due to water the exterior paint slowly tries to peel off and strips out later from the building walls. In the same conditions, quality of paint used also matters. But the gloss of the exterior paint does not long last and requires timely examination on regular basis. The evaluation of the correct time to opt for repaint or retouch is more important as cost-effectiveness totally depends on it and so is to wise choosing the right option.

Hacking & Flooring

We are a recognised hacking contractor that has grown with our customers by delivering value and good quality to our projects. The foundation of our work is solid relationships with customers who have the confidence to rely on our experience and proven expertise to make their vision a reality.

We have a core workforce of 5 competent and appropriately qualified demolition operatives, and can also call upon a further 5 external operatives who can be engaged, as required, to work to our own internal stringent working guidelines. Our responsiveness and specialised personnel allow us to successfully complete a diverse list of projects, for a growing list of private and public owners on time and on budget.

Cleaning Service

The non-stop lifestyle of today’s modern day family leaves little time for cleaning the house. So when you decide to have a social gathering or have impromptu guests from overseas, a thorough yet quick cleanup of the house is essential. However, with both husband & wife working and with children to mind, this chore may seem difficult to carry out without external help. Our Cleaning Service’s solution to overcome this predicament.

Although you may be cleaning your home on a regular basis, certain occasions or events warrant your abode to be cleaned thorough and comprehensively. A One Time Cleaning job will help get your home ready for

  • Special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, general social gatherings
  • Holiday visits from relatives or friends
  • Return from a long vacation or overseas assignment
  • Renting or selling your home, and so on

Handyman Service

Let us solve your home fix and office requirements by the hands of our handyman skilled in carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical works. Allow us to do what we are good at. Trust us for all your home, kitchen, bathroom improvement and even office renovation anywhere in Singapore. Fixing your home is our top priority!

So what can we help you with ?

Generally we can solve your issues in less than an hour, but if big cases, we will evaluate and let you know the cost.

We aim to be the top handyman service provider in Singapore.

Fencing & Ceiling Works

Fencing Works

Being a customer oriented firm, we are engaged in offering best quality Fencing Services which are widely used in commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Our professionals render these services by making use of modern techniques which ensures no entry of unwanted pets. Moreover, our team of experts has in-depth knowledge in this domain which is capable to provide these services in an efficient way. In addition to this, these are available within the budgetary constraints.

Ceiling Works

Basically an additional ceiling. It is also called the drop-down ceiling. Most of the homes and offices are going ahead with this type of ceiling for extra lighting and beautification. Most office buildings require good lighting; false ceilings help with attaching ceiling LED lights and fancy bulbs to overwhelm the interiors.

Ceiling is also used for cooling purposes. Ceilings save you from energy costs by giving you cool interiors. A Ceiling limits the space that is required for cooling. Thus, reducing the frequency of using an air conditioner, fan, or cooler. Additionally, it provides noise insulation, which is needed in most commercial properties.